To easily and efficiently manage 1 to 1000 warehouses. Find out how to optimize your management. Fully customizable and integrated with SPoC.erp


The best application for transport and company fleet management. Start improving your management right away. Fully integrated with SPoC.erp


The STeSI applications integrated in the Gles 5 ERP give life to the most complete and flexible ERP on the market today: SPoC

We innovate for (and with) you

Our passion is technologies as a means of optimizing activities and production processes. Together with our customers we study efficient solutions to automate and optimize organizational activities.

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Development and experimentation of new ideas

We like to test, integrate new solutions and innovate. We customize and create ad hoc solutions based on: RFID, Pick to Light, Asset Location, Wireless Outdoor and what we can still invent together


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Software development and customization

We develop completely customized software (from scratch) or based on established market technologies.
Discover with us how to manage your company in an efficient and innovative way

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Consulting Services

We offer IT consulting services, outdoor ICT management and highly specialized technical assistance.
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