GPS Powerless

Devices thinked and projected to monitor swap bodies, wagons e every kind of asset with no self power


Project and realization of e realizzazione di gates and RFiD's applications

Pick to light

Picking from warehouse more efficient ed efficacy thanks to our  "poka yoke's" system

Electronic Labels

Use of Shelf's Electronic Labels  in logistics and production

Design and implementation of Innovative Pick to Light system

Increase your activity's efficiency

STeSI design and realize Innovative Pick to Light system (endowed, for example, of led and motion detection sensors to check the positioning of the piece in the correct cells).

Tecnologies and RFID & NFC's Solutions

Thinked to suit yours needs
We Design and realize software/hardware integrated system of object identification, asset, radiofrequency pallet.

Shelf's Electronic Labels (ESL) applied in logistics

STeSI design and realize "paperless" solutions to replace paper labels with electronic labels in warehouse.

As well as being an "ecological" solution electronic labels allows, in some cases, big time save on operative activities and a return on the extremely fast initial investement. 

For example, STeSI ha projected and realized, at SATA estabilishment of Melfi; the first installation in absolute (at global leve) in an FCA's estabilishment, where the classic zebra labels (Sip and/or sequencing labels) have been sostituited with Shelf's Electronic Labels. 

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