Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) applied to logistics

STeSI designs and implements solutions paperless for replacing paper labels in warehouses with electronic labels.

In addition to being an "eco-friendly" solution, electronic labels allow, in certain contexts, considerable time savings on operational activities and an extremely rapid return on investment. 

For example, STeSI designed and built the first ever installation (worldwide) at the SATA Melfi plant in an FCA plant, where the classic zebra labels (Sip and/or sequencing labels) were replaced with Electronic Shelf Labels.

As a partner SES-imagotag we install and distribute only the best products on the market and we are able to link them to existing software and invent solutions suitable for your business.

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SES-imagotag is a global leader in digital labelling and price automation and has developed an extensive digital IoT platform that provides a comprehensive set of services to retailers.

STeSI brings the products and quality of SES-Imagotag into new applications and usage scenarios, especially in the world of logistics.


Example: Jeep renegade handles

In the image above you can see an example of use in which STeSI has integrated different technologies to speed up and objectify the sequencing of the handles for the production line of the Renegade Jeep and 500x.

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Example: Electronic picking list

In the picture above, it can be seen that on a part picking trolley in an automotive warehouse, the classic paper picking list has been replaced by a more environmentally friendly and efficient electronic label. 

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