Are you tired of your old TMS? Do you want to find out a real innovative and flexible solution?
Gles Odoo TMS it's the best solutions on the market: cloud, user friendly, completely customizable and it's much more than a simple TMS

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Find out a new way to handle the logistics for you and your client. Thanks to ours over ten years experience in logistics and at the use of the best ERP on the market (Odoo) we can manage dinamically each aspect of your business.

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Transport Management System (Gles TMS)

Born from STeSI's over ten years experience in logistics and transport, GLeS TMS allows you to manage each fase of your activity (order, travel, execution, monitoring, enhancement, etc...) and it's completely integrated with all the Odoo's APP (sales, purchase, invoice, crm, hr, etc...)

Discover the best solution to handle a business transport: GLeS TMS

Starts Now to take control of your Organizations

GLeS TMS it's the application integrated in odoo dedicated to the trucking business and logistics operators. Beyond it offers multiple functionality (order management, groupage, control tower, documents management, automatic invoice, management of pending, reports, management of fleet, tracking on line, radio terminals, EDI integrated communication inbound ed outbound, dedicated mobile APP  and much more).

GLeS TMS allows to companies organize with a single integrated system, fully extensible and customizable, according to your company's specific needs. You can find all what you need in a single system, from the management to the order, eventually to "subcontracting" and active and passive billing. Furthermore Gles TMS is developed with Odoo, the best ERP on the market, so you can really manage every aspect of your organization from a single system: administration, human resources, crm, company portal, customer support, b.i. and so on.

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Accessible Everywhere

You don't have to install anything, it's all on the Cloud accessible from PC, tablet or smartphone

User friendly

Everyone says it!  but we really are ;)


There are no comparisons: Odoo it's an excellent framework that allows suited customization easily. We can customize everything based on your specific needs.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The best in the whole world ERP integrated WMS, easy and customizable. 

Increase the efficiency of your warehouse's management with Odoo and STeSI

Optimize time and resource with our integrated systems

Full and integrated management of your warehouse: registration of entering documents (aviexp, expected, done), warehouse's map extremely easy and powerful (with the possibility of  create and assign operative missions), mobile management, component sequencing, integration with our PTL's system, shipments, inventory and much more.


  • Easy and intuitive

  • Completely customizable

  • Integrable with hardware devices like Pick to Light, electronic labels

  • Integrated with mangement of your business: employees, attendance's badge  and much more

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From the small firms to the multinational: 

Gles Odoo Versions

Maximizes the efficiency of your warehouse

It's not a defiance, Gles OV born fromdi STeSI's over ten years experience, that follows some of the  biggest Italian society of the sector in the developement and management of their WMS and TMS.

Thanks of the modularity of Gles OV it's possible go from simple scenario of management:

  • A single warehouse with the simple needs of knows own stocks

Other extremely complex scenarios:

  • different warehouse scattered all over the world (each with his own mangement's rules);

  • articulated warehouse's maps; 

  • entrance zone, quality control, shelf storage;

  • inventory management actually and in the past and their valorization e loro valorizzazione;

  • exit orders;

  • picking missions (FIFO, LIFO, ...);

  • packaging zone;

  • speditions;

  • reordering rules;

  • drop-shipping, cross-docking;

  • inventory's managements;

  • completetrackability's management; 

  • and much more...

Just to mention some of the manageable and activable situations according to the organization's needs (we try to activate only what needed to always have a system easy and immediate to use).

all integrated in a single ERP

Gles it's not only a simple software for warehouse management, thanks to the "odoo hearth" with the same software it's possible to handle employees (attendances, time-off requests, timesheet), business accounting, electronic invoice, expenses, company's website.... you can even manage your and your client's  e-commerce portal...  and much more!

What is not expected, then, it can be always realized and customized with an unmatched development speed on the other platform.

Gles OV can be integrated with advanced solutions of warehouse's management like Pick to Light, shelf's election labels, furthermore:


Realizziamo ed integriamo sistemi di PTL, ESL, Rfid

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