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Great product page. Adapted to mobile devices. Easy.

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Incredibly  beatiful.

Product page customizable in few seconds.

Create  personal design   of product page with no effort to show the personality in the best way possible. 

 construction's block to easily create your design and present all your prodcts.

Add attributes like color, dimension, or style to ensure a simple navigation between the various product lines.

Change product's pages easily to always visualize product information based on your preference.1 

An all in one solutions

Ready to use 

With an integrated e-commerce platform, inventory and sales can be easily handled thanks to automatic adjustments and stock reports.

Dedicated client's portal help to keep organized client's data with the monitor of orders and requests, allowing customers to downloads invoice and delivery orders, as well as see pending shipments, all from the same portal.

A wonderful website can be created in one month from a person with no development experience.

Winsome Hui • Marketing Director

Marketing optimized

Increase your average cart revenue.

Boost your sales with sell opportunity and upselling on product page, in the cart or at payment moment. 

Suggest automatically product's accessory or suggested product and alternative to show at client more items that might interest them and provide a major visibilityto to all available product.  

Fully integrated

Allows clienti to pay with PaypalIngenico, AdyenBuckarooAuthorize.netPayUmoneyStripe and SIPS Wordline. Online payment methods redirect clients on thanks page in your website 

UPS, DHL, FedEx, USPS and much more.

Speed up fulfillment of orders with easy integration with the principal shipments carriers and track your package directly on Odoo. Navigate between quotes of various carriers and print the shipment label with a simple click. 

With a designer's touch

Themes ready to use

Pages and themes completely customizable that allow you to create a professional design withouth being a designer.
Change easily the pages to adapt them to the unique style of your company. 

Fully integrated with other Odoo app 


Launch an incredible website completely customizable and compatible with the optimization for search engine (SEO). 


Attract more visitors on your product's pages with a winning strategy of content marketing.


Create elegant and professional 
proposals in a few minutes and allow your customers to sign online. 

E-mail Marketing

Project efficient e-mail campaign. Send, convert and log your success.