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Quality Control Points  

Your partner in the APQP travel

Define quality's control plans to trigger specific inventory's operations (receptions and final ispections) or for operation of manifacture (inspection in progress).

Set inspection during process, at the end or at the start, based on the quality control's plan. Define quality control's plan to launch inspection during construction, at the end or the start.

Mange and log the proceedings of approvation of production's process (PPAP). Configure the control of statistic process (SPC). Attach the documents on the error of process and the analysis of the effect (PFMEA) on routing. 


Manage Quality Alerts

with a great user interface

You'll love organize your quality advice on the simple Odoo's Kanban interface. Drag and drop the advices on progress and use visual indicator to focalize on the most critical advice. 

Use tag to categorize quality's advice and create rules to automate advice or the actions. Categorize by recipient (design, supplier, process), by applicant (client, principal line, secondary line) and other.

Fully integrated

With Inventory and Manufacturing operations.


Quality control and notifications are perfectly integrated in all your operations of production and inventory.


Employees can send a quality advice directly from their workcenter's control panel or from inventory's operations.  

Send the product to quality control zone dedicated to execute advanced analysis. 

Total productivity


To improve quality

The manufacturing department can trigger quality alerts directly from their workcenter control panel. Once you update a requests, the right people get the information in real time.

A better communication will lower your manufacturing down times and improve your team efficiencies.


Fully integrated with other Odoo Apps


The complete control panel for your workcenter.


Automate supplies to keep correct inventory level.


Plan the  estimated maintenance and act quickly to solve problem


Easily mange technical changes and versions.