Smart Point of Sales

Manage your bar or resturant in efficient way.

Plan a demo

An interface designed for your productivity

Spend less time at the counter, and more with your customers 

Split easily invoice

Print in the kitchen & at the bar


Manage more customers

Sorting products

An overview on your resturant

With the responsible of halls and table  

Odoo Resturant offer you a fast overview of your resturant movingmoving from one hall to another to get your table orders. 

Planimetry will exactly tell you where are your customers, where are free table, who's still waiting for food, how much disponibility there's yet. 

  • Planimetry Completerly customizable

  • Support multiple point of sales

  • Completely optional organization of plans

  • Can be configured on POS base

Compatibile with any hardware

No installation and no specific hardware required.




Industrial devices

Online o offline

Odoo Punto Vendita resta affidabile anche se la tua connessione non lo è.

Like web appliction, Odoo Resturan doesn't require any type of installation. Work easily online. Also if it's required an internet connection to starts point of sales, it will keep working also after a complete disconnection.  

Inventory management integrated

Real time control & accurate forecasts to manage purchases.

Odoo  Inventory app insert automatically each transaction from the poin of sales to the warehouse. You can see in real time the availability of the products without time loss. Furthermore, point of sale is compatible with Odoo E-commerce. It won't be necessaty set different stock for both application to have a real multichannel commerce, without difficulty.


Keep in touch with your customers

invite your customers to come back with loyalty programs.

Guarantee to your clients a positive experience improving your services. Offer loyalty cards and gift, get a fast overview about available tables, check the sales and contacts in real time, register customers to inform them, etc.  

Fully integrated with other Odoo app


Keep the full control of your inventory and get precise forecasts about stocks level.


Create invoices with a few clic

E-mail Marketing

Keep track of your customers practice and send them special offers and discount advice.


Upgrade online sales with elegant product's pages.