Open a ticket

For our customers the most efficient way to get assistance is to open a ticket*

* A service contract between STeSI and your company must be active. To access the service it is also necessary to register your user account


Designed to offer immediate support, this small module does not require installation or administrator rights: simply download it and provide the ID and password displayed to the operator.


Use this form to easily participate in meetings or presentations. It does not require installation or administrator rights: you just have to download it and enter the session data provided by the organizer.


Host provides 24/7 access to remote computers, making it perfect for remote monitoring, server maintenance or access to an unattended PC or Mac at home or at work. Install TeamViewer Host on an unlimited number of computers and devices - licensed users can access as many devices as they want at any time!

Pilot (for Android)

Remote support based on augmented reality.
We use your smartphone to support you from anywhere in the world. Thanks to object tracking, we are able to anchor 3D indicators to real world elements, add visual indications and textual instructions directly within the video stream, showing you the process to follow through the smartphone or even through a pair of smart glasses. There will no longer be any doubt about the lever to operate, the cable to be cut or the button to press, thanks to the step-by-step visual guide provided by the experts on the other side of the screen.