Increase the efficiency in the management of your warehouses with Odoo WMS

Optimize time and resources with our integrated systems

Complete and integrated management of your warehouse: recording of incoming documents (aviexp, declared, found), incredibly easy and powerful warehouse map (with the possibility of creating and assigning operational missions), mobile management, component sequencing, integration with our PTL systems, shipments, inventory and much more.


  • Easy and intuitive

  • Fully customizable

  • Can be integrated with hardware devices such as Pick to Light, electronic labels

  • Integrated with your company's management: employees, attendance cards

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From small shop to multinational: Odoo WMS

Maximize the efficiency of your warehouse

It is not a provocation, odoo WMS is born from the over ten-year experience of STeSI, which follows some of the largest Italian companies in the sector precisely in the development and management of their WMS and TMS.

Thanks to the modularity of odoo it is possible to switch between simple management scenarios:

  • a single warehouse with the simple need to know its stocks,

To extremely complex scenarios:

  • several warehouses around the world (each with their own rules digestion);

  • articulated warehouse maps;

  • entrance area, quality control, shelf storage

  • management of inventories in the present and in the past and their valorisation

  • Outbound orders

  • Withdrawal missions (FIFO, LIFO...)

  • packaging area

  • dispatches

  • tidying up rules

  • drop-shiping, cross-docking

  • inventory management

  • complete traceability management

  • and much more . . .

Just to mention some of the situations that can be managed and activated according to the needs of each organization (we always try to activate only what we need so as to always have a system of simple and immediate use)

all integrated into one ERP

Odoo is not just a warehouse management program, with the same program it is possible to manage employee (attendance, permit requests, timesheets), company accounting, invoicing, expenses, the company website .... you can even manage your or your customers' e-commerce portal ... and much, much more!

Odoo can be integrated with advanced warehouse management solutions such as Pick to Light, Electronic shelf labels, and then:

No hardware to manage

SPoC is Cloud:accessible from anywhere and from any device. We take care of backups and business continuity

Continuous development

SPoC is continuously updated and enriched with value-added features for your business


SPoC can communicate machine/machine with other systems both through market standards and through ad hoc integrations.

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Warehouse dashboard


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Integrated WMS with hardware systems


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WMS which is also ERP

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